New Patient Acupuncture

Detailed Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health assessment, review of the patient's Health History plus an Acupuncture treatment. 


​Acupuncture is the use of needles to activate points present on meridians. Meridians are channels running throughout the body like a vast river system, carrying Qi, the fundamental substance of life. Qi flows within channels or meridians that are connected to our internal organs. Each meridian has a set number of points and the needles are inserted into these points to regulate the flow of Qi in the channels or organs. Needles are not inserted very deeply and do not touch any nerves or veins. Our bodies are equipped with the necessary tools for healing and acupuncture is the stimulus.

Battlefield Acupuncture

An auricular acupuncture protocol used for pain control. Semi-permanent needles are placed on points in the ear to reduce chronic pain.

Manual Cupping

Cupping utilizing plastic cups with a mechanical vacuum device placed on sore parts of the body. The placement of the cup creates a partial vacuum, which stimulates muscles and blood flow while relieving pain.

Focused Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage

Tui Na Medical massage on specific area. Tui Na is a great add on modality to an acupuncture treatment. It is also great by itself to reduce tension, pain and to promote relaxation.  

Chinese Nutrition Counseling

We have all heard that you are what you eat, and that food is medicine. This is especially true in regard to traditional Chinese medicine. Poor dietary habits can cause disharmony in the body leading to pain, fatigue, “brain fog” and digestive dysfunction such as gas, bloating and pain and make us more susceptible to the effects of stress. Dietary guidance is offered to help improve the wellness of patients.