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Patient Testimonials

After physical therapy and pain meds for a reoccurring shoulder issue and lower back pain, I now feel like I have a treatment plan for the year and I'm pain-free...noticeable difference after 1st treatment ...Thank you, Mike!

Angel Tangney

I have been working with Michael Thorns of Focus On You Acupuncture for a few months now and the results have been significantly positive and more than I thought they would be. Originally, I went to see him due to chronic neck pain and headaches. After the first visit, by the time I got home my neck felt noticeably better. I continue to see him on a regular basis to promote overall wellness and to keep learning. Michael is very easy to talk to, informative, knowledgeable and creates an individualized plan based on your concerns and needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone, whether they have tried acupuncture or not. It is a very interesting and beneficial experience.

Carl Legere

Had a great acupuncture session at Focus On You Acupuncture LLC today. I feel amazing and can’t wait to go back for my next treatment. Mike is professional, informative, caring and funny. I can’t think of a better combination for a provider to have. I would highly recommend checking him out. If you’ve never had acupuncture before, don’t be afraid, it doesn’t hurt.

Deb Lombardi

I have had several treatments from Mike and I have to admit at first I was a skeptic when it comes to acupuncture. I went to see him with an open mind and immediately saw results. My sleep improved, my fatigue dissipated, and my pain became manageable. Mike set me up with a basic program of stretching, exercise, and dietary suggestions to compliment his treatments and I feel great. Thank You Mike for listening to me and suggesting what was best for me by helping me improve through natural methods and not managing my symptoms with pills. Have an open mind, and give Mike a try, He helped me and I'm sure he can help you too.

Frank Suttile



Acupuncture is amazing! I always feel so much better after a treatment. Less stress, improved sense of wellness, less pain and a clear head.

Charline Cupole

The office was clean and neat and the treatment room was relaxed and peaceful. You can choose any music you'd like or none at all. Mike evaluated me as a whole person, not just an ailment and he did it with a calming reassurance. The acupuncture itself was carried out with expertise. I left relaxed and feeling quite good.

Tom Brady

Mike Thorns is a very thorough acupuncture practitioner. He includes a complete history before beginning the acupuncture procedure. He does not rush and is accurate in needle placement. I have experienced much relief after the treatments. He is a very caring person and I highly recommend him to all needing his expertise.

When I began the acupuncture treatments i had pain in my knees, shoulders and neck. The treatments have alleviated the pain and I am now more physically active. Mike's all encompassing discussions on total health, diet, exercise and meditation have helped me center myself and become more attuned to my body.

Dee Cupole

Had a great treatment. Mike does an extensive interview to adapt a personalized treatment for whatever physical issue you might have. Felt much better after my visit and will return.

Steve DiLorenzo

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